Qualification Information

In the Certificate III in Barbering course, students will learn skills to be part of the barber team and utilise technical skills and knowledge to provide a broad range of barbering services to clients. Students are trained to provide client services by ensuring a safe working environment and performing a full range of client services, including client consultation and advice, applying skills and knowledge to sell products and services, haircutting using tracks and carving, hair design, maintaining beards, and mustaches, and Provide head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation and take responsibility for the outcomes of their own work. This training covers the required skills and hands-on practical experience that is needed to be a qualified barber. This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway.

At Ardor College, students have the opportunity to complete their practicals on live clients at the college salon. We also encourage and assist our full-time students in finding other salons that would allow them to perform practical and gain additional industry exposure.

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To achieve a SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering, you must successfully complete 26 units, comprising of 21 core units and 5 elective units.

Duration and Study Options
Fee for Service Program:

Duration: 12 Months
Schedule:  3 to 5 days a week depending on your work/life commitments
Cost: $8,500

School-based Apprenticeships: allow you to gain a nationally recognised qualification as well as your Senior Certificate AND you get paid working in your chosen field. Generally available to students from Year 10, students may convert to a full-time or part-time apprenticeship when they finish school to allow them to complete the qualification. You will be required to attend “Off Job” Training 1 day a fortnight or complete block training during school holidays
Course Cost: nil

Allow you to gain a nationally recognised qualification and get paid to work in your chosen field.

Free apprenticeships for under 25s
Free apprenticeships for under 25s will cover the cost of training for Queensland apprentices and trainees under 25 who commence or are undertaking one of 139 priority apprenticeship or traineeship qualification, which includes Cert. III in Hairdressing and Cert. III in Barbering from 1 January 2021 to 30 September 2022.

3 years: Full-time
6 years: Part-time

Schedule: Apprentices can complete their certificate as a Full-time or Part-time Apprentice.
However, as this course is competency based, depending on your prior experience, this course can be completed at your own pace

Course Units

BSBSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
SHBHBAS001 Provide shampoo and basin services
SHBHBAS002 Provide head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation
SHBHCUT001 Design haircut structures
SHBHCUT002 Create one length or solid haircut structures
SHBHCUT003 Create graduated haircut structures
SHBHCUT004 Create layered haircut structures
SHBHCUT005 Cut hair using over-comb techniques
SHBHCUT006 Create combined haircut structures
SHBHCUT007 Create combined traditional and classic men’s haircut structures
SHBHCUT009 Cut hair using freehand clipper techniques
SHBHCUT011 Design and maintain beards and moustaches
SHBHCUT012 Shave heads and faces
SHBHCUT013 Provide men’s general grooming services
SHBHDES001 Dry hair to shape
SHBHIND001 Maintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas
SHBHIND002 Research and use hairdressing industry information
SHBHIND003 Develop and expand a client base
SHBHTRI001 Identify and treat hair and scalp conditions
SHBXCCS001 Conduct salon financial transactions
SHBXCCS002 Provide salon services to clients
SHBXCCS004 Recommend products and services
SHBXIND001 Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment
SHBXIND002 Communicate as part of a salon team
SHBXWHS001 Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices
SIRRINV001 Receive and handle retail stock

Credit Transfer (CT)
CT is the recognition of previous subjects successfully studied and completed by you that satisfies the competency requirements of one or more subjects required to be successfully studied and completed for this Qualification. Participants wanting to apply for CT must be able to produce evidence by way of certified copies of previous qualifications.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Recognition of Prior Learning is the recognition of knowledge, skills and experience gained by you through either life and/or work experience, formal and/or informal training, and/or education that satisfies the competency requirements of one or more subjects required to be successfully studied and completed for this Qualification. Participants wanting to apply for RPL must be able to produce evidence by way of certified copies of previous qualifications and/other supporting evidence to be eligible for the RPL process.

There are no pre-requisites for this qualification. All fee for service students must be 15 years of age or older.

Ardor College has a number of options to allow you to select a payment method best suited to your financial needs. Course fees can be paid in person, by phone, internet banking, or credit card.

Fee for Service

  • Option 1: Upfront 100% Payment.
    You can pay course fees in full upfront either by direct debit or credit card. A direct debit or direct withdrawal of funds can be arranged and scheduled from your nominated bank account. We accept payments by MasterCard or Visa.
  • Options 2: Payment Plan
    You are required to make the first installment before course commencement and make the remaining payments through convenient installments weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or per semester. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Options 3: Direct Debit
    You can arrange direct debit payments to us with your banking provider
  • Options 4: Credit Card
    We accept payments by MasterCard or Visa.

Note: Payments by  MasterCard and Visa credit Card attract a 2.5% surcharge which will be added to the payment account being made. American Express credit cards attract a 3% surcharge.

Study Outcomes

On completion of your studies, you will receive a SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering Qualification Certificate, issued by ARDOR COLLEGE.

Possible Career Outcomes

  • Barber
  • Hair Stylist
  • Hairdresser

After achieving your qualification, graduates may undertake:

  • Under 25 Apprentice – Nil
  • Over 25 Apprentice – $1248.00