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Choose A Job You Love And You Will Never Have To Work A Day In Your Life

The only two industries that are making significant contributions towards making people feel awesome and beautiful inside and out are hairdressing and barbering.

These two professions not only require outstanding skills, technical prowess, but also unparalleled knowledge of products and most importantly creative key strengths. The hair industry can stretch from hairdressing to hair styling to colouring, cutting and so on. Over the years both hairdressing and barbering have been continuously evolving with changing fashion trends and ground-breaking development of technology. These industries are highly fashion-conscious and are driven by ongoing fad and trends. 

Seeing these developments, many institutions are coming forward with hairdressing courses in Cairns and hairdressing courses in Townsville.

Hair and Barbering Industry Overview in Australia:

The hair and beauty industry is expected to deliver more than AUD 5 – AUS 6 billion in revenue and is expected to grow exponentially over the next 5 years. 

Service demand in these two industries is highly dependent and is driven by factors including: 

  • Change in fashion trends
  • Stronger growth in household incomes 
  • And positive consumer sentiment

These factors are being considered as important as they are instrumental in boosting demand for these services. 

Employment prospects in these professions are good and maximum students who have enrolled for the professional courses to study hairdressing and study barbering are now employed after completing it. It has been observed that the hairdressing industry is not only focused on female clients but also male clients as they are also opting for a lot of services and are quite active in the expansive range of hair and skin services.

Career Opportunities For Hairdressers and Barbers

Over the next five years, the number of job openings for hairdressers and barbers is expected to be more than above average. Employment opportunities have increased with more than 50,000-60,000 job openings predicted over the next few years. It is expected to follow better trends in the days ahead. 

Hairdressers and barbers work with professionals such as photographers, fashion designers, stylists, and models to create unique hair designs, colouring, straightening, curling, and a range of design finishes. As this profession has been noticing a considerable demand, job opportunities are expected to be available in most of the regions.

Certificate III in Hairdressing and Barbering

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