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A career to fund and fit your lifestyle?

When was the last time you picked up a newspaper, What! Am I 100 years old? I mean scrolled through your news feed without hearing about rate rises, inflation, or the general cost of living.

Imagine having a career where you would always be able to adapt to the current financial climate and your ever-changing lifestyle!

Hairdressing and Beauty Services are an $8Billion industry in Australia alone and their employment rate is projected to grow 11% over the next decade. Having a Certificate III in Hairdressing or Barbering gives you the opportunity to be a part of this growing industry, proving there is ample opportunity for employment.

Whether you are working for a Salon or eventually decide to move on from the industry your qualification will mean you always have something to back you.

Scenarios we all find ourselves in.

Are you struggling to pay that unexpected bill you just received?

Are you looking to go on that big international holiday but need spending money?

Are you a parent that is struggling to find work, restricted by school drop off and pick up times?

Are you simply trying to stay afloat with the cost of living?

By completing a qualification in Hairdressing or Barbering with Ardor College, it will provide you with the confidence, knowledge, and independence in offering your services as a full-time job or after hours to make additional money to pay that unexpected bill or get together the spending money for your bucket list holiday. Maybe you are that parent that could offer your Hairdressing or Barbering services from home specifically between school hours.

Hairdressing and Barbering careers require Great passion and Enthusiasm’ which is the meaning of our college name ‘ARDOR’. We will be with you as you learn new and exciting techniques and continue to adapt as a stylist to move with current trends and fashions.

Undertaking a qualification like this also translates to so many other areas of work too.

Hairdressers and Barbers are known for their compassion and understanding whilst listening to their clients, leading many down the road of psychology, alongside that their upbeat bubbly personalities make them great in any customer service role.

I’ll leave you with this… My favorite story of someone taking advantage of their qualification was of a Hairdresser turned grey nomad (but without the greys obviously), traveling Australia with her scissors and an A-frame sign that read ‘Men’s & Women’s Haircuts’ Her income funded her travels and therefore led her to continue living that very lifestyle she has always dreamt of.


So, what are you waiting for… ENROL NOW!!