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Two Careers That Will Boom In The Next 5 Years

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life “

As truly said, work fills a larger part of our lives and the only way to be content & satisfied is to do what we love. Pursuing passion as your career is the best thing you can do, after all “if you love your job”, you will never have to work another moment in your life.

So why not pursue your goals towards what you love?

It won’t be surprising to learn that one of the most exciting industries that will continue to grow in the next 5 years in Hairdressing and Barbering. If you too are keen to study hairdressing or barbering then get your start in the exciting, rewarding, and ever-popular courses we have to offer courses at Ardor College.

Pursuing your career in hairdressing and barbering can take you to places across the world. You can work in one of the best resorts, sets, theatres as a stylist. 

We bring to you few benefits of choosing hairdressing and barbering as a career to help you boost your aspirations-

  • Enhances your creativity
    Hairdressing and barbering is not just a mere profession but a skill, and an art. It enhances your inner creativity which is a tremendous asset for your clients. Your creative skills would not only generate appreciation for your work but would also make your career successful.
  • Helps you be a people’s person

This is one career that provides you with an opportunity to meet and interact with your clients, celebrities from all corners of life. You get to play a big role in making people look at their best through your skills. There are not many jobs that offer such opportunities to interact with clients who have interesting stories to share. Your skills will boost confidence in your clients by giving them the style that suits them and makes them feel great.

  • Lifespan of the profession
    Whenever you are planning your career, the first thought to cross your mind is the lifespan. And one of the most amazing things about this profession is the lifespan. There is no lifespan of this profession, you can continue to work as long as you want. 

In addition to this, now people have become more than conscious when it comes to their look and appearance. They are ready to experiment with their looks which gives you an opportunity to experiment with the latest trends and styles. With changing latest trends your learning experience is never going to end and so is the lifespan of the profession.

  • Demand for your skills

Hairdressers and barbers can get work anywhere. After all, a haircut is a basic need and not a luxury that very few will choose. It is a great choice to opt for your career as there are plenty of job opportunities all over the world.

As per the latest Government reports- there has been an acute shortage of hairdressers in the industry for quite some time due to which they are in high demand.  So be assured, this profile will always fetch you continuous work with additional benefits.

In a nutshell, being a hairdresser or barber can help you unleash the creative side of yourself and try new things. This is because every day you will come across clients who would demand haircuts as per their choice, and face shape. 

If you are looking to pursue hairdressing course in Cairns or hairdressing course in Townsville as a beginner or to hone your skills, then Ardor College provides you an extensive range of courses.

Our courses are designed not just to help you attain the required skills but will also help you develop relevant knowledge and life-long skills to grow!

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Be your BOSS! Job in hairdressing and barbering offers you flexible working and rewarding hours in the industry. 

Get ready and unleash the creative stylish in you!